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Curb Side Recycling

No Sort Recycling

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    No Sort Recycling Program

    To reduce the amount of material going into the landfill, the City of Crete now offers Curb Side Recycling.  This service, operated by the Garbage Company, began in May of 2009.  The City of Crete through the Garbage Company provides a 32 gallon green tote free of charge.  This tote is equipped with wheels for moving ease.

    With the NO SORT RECYCLING PROGRAM customers are not required to sort recyclable items.  (Please see list of accepted recyclable items).  Just place these clean items in the tote and place by the curb or alley.  Remember to move your totes away from the alley or curb after pickup.

    Recycling Pickup Schedule
New 2015 Recycling pickup schedule.  Beginning January 2, 2015.

*Place toter at the curb or alley as with garbage pickup.

Please contact the Public Works Office at 402-826-4312 with questions regarding recycling.

  Accepted Recyclable Items


 Aluminum & Tin
Aluminum and tin cans accepted, please rinse out all food and beverage containers.  Also accepted is formed aluminum containers (example: disposable pie plates) and clean aluminum foil.

Newspaper (including advertising supplements), magazines, brown grocery bags, telephone books, catalogs, office paper, junk mail, envelopes.  Also accepted is empty chipboard (cereal boxes), wet strength carrier stock (TV dinner boxes).

Place clean corrugated cardboard boxes or shipping boxes under toter.  Break down or cut boxes so they are flat and no bigger than 2 X 2 ft.

Accepted are numbers 1 thru 7 plastic containers.  (numbers are located on bottom of container).  Examples:  soda/water/juice bottles, milk bottles, butter tubs, sour cream carton, dip containers, detergent/bleach bottles, household cleaner bottles etc.  Please rinse items before recycling.



All types of glass are accepted.  Please rinse items before recycling.


          ****NOT ACCEPTED****
Styrofoam, rubber bands, soiled paper (pizza boxes/sandwich wrappers) food, tissue paper, paper towels, wax coated paper, shrink-wrap, plastic bags or wood.
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