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City of Crete Nebraska




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Animal Control and Licensing

Permitted animals, impounded dogs and cats, animal violations

Domestic dogs and cats and service animals are licensed through the Crete Police Department.

Crete Police Department 
Police Station - 1945 Forest Avenue
Business Hours: Monday through Friday from 8:00 - 11:00 a.m. and Noon - 5 p.m.
Records Office: 402.826.6422

Mary Klahn, Police Administrative Assistant

The Crete Police Department is Crete’s Animal Control Authority and enforces Chapter 6, Article 1 of the City CodeThe key to animal control is owner responsibility. The city asks residents to: Please keep your animals under your control and license your domestic dogs and cats.

(Information on impounded pets is at the end of this article.)

Pet Licensing:

Domestic dog and cat and service animal licenses may be obtained after providing the animal license form, proof of rabies vaccination, and appropriate license fees to the police department administrative assistant.

  • Download the pet license application form or request a form by email or by phone at 402-826-6422.
  • Provide proof of rabies vaccination in one of the following ways:
    • Email a scanned copy or legible photo of the certificate to mary.klahn@crete.ne.gov;
    • Call 402.826.6422 and provide the necessary information, which can be verified with the veterinarian’s office;
    • Fax the certificate to 402-826-2180
  • The administrative assistant will provide a reference number to the applicant. This number is necessary to ensure the proper tracking of payments.
  • Go to Payment Options for pet licenses issued by the Crete Police Department.
    • Domestic dog or cat (Spayed/Neutered): $10/year plus $1/year for the State of NE 
    • Domestic dog or cat (Not spayed/Neutered): $20/year plus $1/year for the State of NE
    • Service Animal: None
  • Upon receipt of a completed application, proof of rabies vaccination and receipt of the appropriate license fee, the license tag and a copy of the license will be issued to the applicant. 

Owning and/or Keeping Animals

Owners are responsible for their animal(s).  Anyone who provides food, water or shelter to a stray or feral animal becomes its owner and is responsible for the animal and any offspring; this includes ensuring proper vaccinations, licensing, control, etc. (§6-103 [24], [29], [30]). City Code - Chapter 6, Article 1, Animals Generally

  • Permitted Animals: The city allows the following animals within city limits: domestic dogs and cats and other domestic animals limited to aquarium fish, domestic amphibians, domestic birds (parrot, cockatoo, parakeet, canary, mynah, or lovebird), domestic rabbits, domestic reptiles (nonvenomous, non-constricting snakes less than four feet in length), domestic rodents, and domestic ferrets.  Possession of other animals is prohibited. (§6-103[14], [34]; §6-104 to §6-107) 
  • Collar and Metallic Tags: Every domestic dog and cat and every service animal must wear a collar and have a city license tag and a rabies certification tag (issued by the owner’s veterinarian). On a separate tag (or on the reverse of one of the other tags) the city requires the owner’s name.
  • Owner’s Control: Owners are responsible for controlling their domestic dogs and cats. These animals may not run-at-large in Crete regardless of where an owner or the animal may reside. ((§6-105, §6-108.09, §6-110 to §6-110.03)
  • Service Animals: The City supports the lawful use and care of service animals recognized by state law. Owners of animals which do not receive such recognition must adhere to all City Codes which pertain to such animals. (§6-112 to §6-112.02)

Impounded Animals & Animal Violations

At times, the city will impound or even hold animals. Owners wishing to retrieve their animal must do so within a short period of time, five business days. Before an impounded animal can be released, owners must 1) present a valid rabies vaccination certificate or pay for their animal to be properly vaccinated; 2) license their animal if they reside in Crete; and 3) pay all associated impound fees and costs. Animals not claimed after the holding period are transported to the Capital Humane Society in Lincoln where further inquiries should be made.

  • Call the police administrative assistant at 402.826.6422 to determine the proper fines/fees and to confirm the animal’s current rabies vaccination and license (if appropriate). If records are unavailable, the owner must provide proof of rabies and/or license the animal prior to release.   
  • The administrative assistant will provide a reference number to the animal owner. This number is necessary to ensure the proper tracking of payments. 
  • Go to Payment Options for releasing an impounded animal held by the Crete Police Department.
  • Upon receipt of the proper fines/fees (or proper fees w/ referral for prosecution), confirmation of current rabies vaccination and confirmation of animal license (if appropriate), the Administrative Assistant will arrange a time for the owner to retrieve the animal from impound. 
  • Please call or email if you need assistance with this process.

  • City Master Fee Schedule: A comprehensive list of all city fees for services, permits, utilities, and programs across all departments and offices. View the Master Fee Schedule (pdf)


Owners who are in violation of other Animal Regulations may receive a citation and appear in court, should they desire. In most circumstances, owners may be permitted to pay the applicable fines. The city does not retain these fines. By law, these are passed to other governmental agencies.

  • Owners of an animal who has inflicted injury or damaged property may pay fees but will not be allowed to pay fines. In these circumstances, the owner will be referred for prosecution so that the court may consider possible restitution.  
  • Animals that have bitten someone or caused an abrasion to the skin may be held for a 10 day observation period if no proof of current rabies vaccination is available.