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City of Crete Nebraska




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Business Registration and Licensing

Business Registrations

Every person or business engaged or intending to engage in any calling, business, occupation or profession by maintaining a business location, in whole or in part, within the limits of the City of Crete, Saline County, Nebraska, is required to register and pay an annual business registration fee for the privilege of doing business in the City. See Crete City Code, Chapter 10, Article 3. Contact the City Clerk for more information. 

View/Download 2021 Business Registration Form

Go to the Building Inspector section for information on zoning issues and building permits.

Business and event permits and licensing:

Other permits related to City of Crete City Code ordinances may be required to hold certain events, including festivals, parades, temporary street closures, livestock events, and others. Contact the City Clerk for more information on documents not listed here. All forms and applications can be applied for at the City Clerk's office on the first floor of City Hall during regular business hours. Forms listed below can be downloaded, completed, and returned to the Clerk's office.

Itinerant Sales, Door-to-door Sales

Vendors and solicitors are required to carry the issued permit and must display such permit upon request. You will need a Nebraska Department of Revenue Sales Tax Number and personal identification to apply for the permit. View/download the itinerant sales application forms. Return completed forms to the City Clerk's office.

Special Event Permit

An application for a special event within the City of Crete requires information relating to the start and end times of the event, location, special equipment, and liquor license requirements, if applicable. (Event examples: festivals, parades, fun runs.) The application also includes a request for temporary use/closure of city streets and sidewalk right-of-way. View/download the special event permit application. Return completed forms to the City Clerk's office.

Prohibited Animal Exception

Crete City Code states: a valid permit must issued by the City for the following: (a) Livestock animals temporarily held for sale on commercially zoned lots that are used as a veterinary clinic. (b) Livestock animals used in or associated with short-term activities of no more than eight hours in duration that have been approved by the City Administrator. (c) Livestock animals used in or associated with temporary events that have been approved by the City Council, including, but not limited to, fairs, rodeos, circuses, demonstrations, parades, and shows. (d) Birds of the family Anatidae that are owned by and kept upon property owned by Doane University. (e) Livestock animals used for educational purposes that are kept within educational institutions. View/download the prohibited animals exception permit application. Return completed forms to the City Clerk's office.

Fireworks Sales

The retail sales of fireworks are allowed in the City of Crete from June 28 - July 4. You must possess a Nebraska State Sales Tax number and a permit to sell fireworks from the Nebraska State Fire Marshall. A permit to sell fireworks within the corporate limits of the City of Crete is require from the City Clerk's office. View/download the fireworks sales application and information forms. Return completed forms to the City Clerk's office.

Liquor License - Special Events

Any establishment that has a State of Nebraska Liquor License can apply to the Nebraska Liquor Control Commission for a Special Designated License to cater an event. Non-profit organizations are also able to apply to the Liquor Control Commission for a Special Designated License to serve alcohol at an event.

Sidewalk Cafe Permit

Please be advised: Sidewalk Cafés cannot be constructed or operated until all permits are issued, not just applied for. Please read Crete Municipal Code §8-214 thoroughly before applying for a permit. License year for this permit is Oct.1 - Sept. 30. View/download the application sheet and checklist for complete information on the Sidewalk Cafe Permit requirements. Return completed application and attachments to the City Clerk's Office.

  • "The record owners of commercial or mixed use property abutting sidewalk right-of-way in areas zoned C-1 Central Commercial District may apply for and obtain a permit to use so much of the sidewalk right-of-way abutting their property as the City determines is not needed for the use of the general public for sidewalk cafés."

Plumber's Renewal Form (Building Inspector's Office)

Reminder to all plumbers doing business in the City of Crete and within two miles thereof: On Dec. 31, 2020 your current City of Crete Plumber’s Registration expires. It’s time to renew your annual City of Crete Master Plumber Contractor’s Registration for your company and your employees. All on-site employees must hold current City of Crete registrations. View/download the Plumber Renewal License Form 2021. Find more information and permit applications from the Building Inspector.

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City of Crete  
Jerry L. Wilcox, City Clerk-Treasurer  
Kelsey Sisouvong, Deputy City Clerk-Treasurer

City Hall - 243 East 13th Street (Open Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm)
Crete NE 68333-0086
Phone: 402.826.4313
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