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City of Crete Nebraska




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Burn Permits

Crete Fire District Map; larger map available with pdf link in article.

The City of Crete - Crete Fire Department issues open burning permits in accordance with the following:

  • Nebraska Statute 81-520.01 states there shall be a statewide open burning ban on all bonfires, outdoor rubbish fires, and fires for the purpose of clearing land.
  • The fire chief of a local fire department of his or her designee may waive an open burning ban for an area under his or her jurisdiction by issuing an open burning permit to a person requesting permission to conduct open burning.

Permit information required: owner's name and phone number, person supervising the burn and phone number, burn location, person assuming responsibility in event fire comes out of control.

  • Permit holders must contact the city before any burn: call 402.826.4312 (Monday-Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m.)
    • Burning is allowed on weekends, but permission must be obtained on the last business day of the week during business hours.
  • Burns must not start before sunrise and all open flame must be extinguished before sunset on each day of the burn.
    • Burning is not permitted when the wind is expected to blow more that 15 mph (according to National Weather Service) on the day of the burn.
    • No burning is allowed during Red Flag Warnings in the area.
  • Permit must be signed by the fire chief.

Submit a completed Burn Permit in one of the following ways:

  • Copies are available in the Public Works Office
  • View/Download the City of Crete - Open Burning Permit 
    • print and return to the Public Works office at City Hall
    • email a copy to the Public Works office


Crete Volunteer Fire Department
Burn Permits - City Hall Public Works Office: 402.826.4312  |  243 East 13th Street