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City of Crete Nebraska


Public Works


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Emergency Snow Routes - City of Crete: There is no parking on marked emergency snow routes when a snow emergency has been declared.

City of Crete
Departments of Public Works
Street Department

City Hall - 243 East 13th Street 
Street Shop - 212 East 15th Street
Public Works: 402.826.4312

Public Works Directory

To report problems or concerns with city streets please call the Public Works Department.

The Street Department of the City of Crete maintains all the public roadways in the City. The Department is involved in a certified bridge inspection process to inspect, repair and maintain bridges within the City. The department repairs and maintains streets by sweeping, striping, tarring, and fixing potholes, keeping rights of way mowed and maintains signs. When needed, they replace concrete and curbing. The Public Works Street Department employees have the ability to respond quickly day or night for emergencies with 90 combined years of experience.

One-Year and Six-Year Street Plans

The City of Crete is required by Nebraska state law and the Nebraska Department of Transportation’s Rules and Regulations to submit annual One-Year and Six-Year Plans for highway, road, and street improvements. View plan narratives and maps (pdf)

The Street Department uses an industrial snowblower, purchased in 2019, to efficiently remove snow by truckloads from downtown streets; Crete, NE.
Street Beautification
The Crete Community Foundation’s partnered with the City for a downtown beautification plan after researching and gathering examples and information from projects in other communities. The foundation purchased benches, planters, and garbage cans, which were placed in spring 2019 along Main Street from 11th to 14th Streets and for one block east and west from the 13th and Main intersection. 

With City support, the planning process included creating “bump outs,” or club extensions, along Main Street in specific locations, to place additional benches and plant trees. Several curbs have already been altered and trees planted.

The bump outs will take some parking spaces, however, several areas will have parking stalls redrawn to adequately accommodate vehicles and still maintain proper downtown parking needs, including the same number of handicap accessible parking spaces.

Streets, alleys, and rights-of-way
Rock, gravel, dirt, construction material, litter, and/or containers thereof cannot be placed upon any street, alley, right-of-way, or sidewalk without prior permission from the City. Contact the Public Works Department. 

Mosquito Control
The City of Crete is diligent in the fight against disease carrying mosquitoes. Mosquito spraying is done in town on Mondays and Thursdays from 6-10 p.m. Tuxedo Park is treated with spray on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings to avoid activities in the park.

Mosquito spraying for the current season starts on June 7, 2021. 

Snow and ice removal; salt brine pretreatment
During the winter the Street Departments’ top priority is keeping citizens safe with the quick removal of snow and ice from the roadways. When needed all departments work together to clear the roadways. The Street Department will use a salt brine pretreatment during winter months to combat icy streets in certain areas of town. The brine will be applied before an anticipated freezing event if conditions allow, however, rainfall at an inopportune time in the process can wash away the brine or dilute it to where it becomes ineffective. Salting streets in other areas of the city will remain a city practice in response to freezing conditions. For more winter information, see the Winter Weather Guide.

Emergency Snow Routes

View larger map (pdf) or go to the online map and select 'Emergency Snow Routes' under the Layers tab)

After a significant snow event, three or more inches of accumulation, the city may declare a Snow Emergency, during which time parking along marked Emergency Snow Routes is prohibited and vehicles in violation will be towed.

The city has marked Emergency Snow Routes on arterial streets including: Highway 33/103, Hawthorne, Boswell, Iris, and Main Avenues;  East 1st, East 4th, East 5th, East 9th, East 14th, East 15th, and East 29th Streets; others include Betten Rd., the entire downtown area and streets around Crete Elementary school. City Code, Chapter 5, Article 2.

Parking tickets and towing

24-hour Parking: Vehicles cannot remain parked on streets, public roads or public property for more than 24 hours at a time.

Downtown Parking: Parking is prohibited in the downtown area between 2-4 a.m.; watch for posted signs.

Tickets and Towing: Vehicles parked in violation of these ordinances and other posted regulations are subject to tickets and towing by the Crete Police Department. City Code, Chapter 5, Article 4. Any vehicle cited three times within 30 days may be towed on the issuance of the third ticket. Find more information on parking tickets and vehicle impound fees issued by the police department.